...of funding available to artists in the Feed The Arts Tip Jar!

Artists know all too well the difficulty of raising the needed funding for creative projects. Crowdfunding was supposed to make this easier, but research shows that nearly 70% of projects on crowdfunding sites don't get fully funded.

Our Tip Jar is a special reserve from which artists may apply to receive funding to cover a shortage for a Feed The Arts project or a project from a crowdfunding site.

An artist may have begun their art funding journey with Kickstarter, Indiegogo, CrowdRise or Go Fund Me, but they'll complete their journey with the Feed The Arts Tip Jar!

Thanks to funding provided by our Feed The Ads Network and the Feed Our Fans Program, we are well on our way to reaching our goal having our Tip Jar filled with $30,000,000!

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Apply for Tip Jar funding

If you're an artist who has raised at least 60% of your funding goal, apply for Tip Jar funding to raise the rest!*

Click the appropriate button below to apply.

*Additional requirements must also be met to apply.

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The Feed The Arts Network

The Feed Network was created to bring fans, artists and socially responsible companies together to support the arts and revolutionize arts funding!

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A unique advertising network where advertisers join together to fund the arts.

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Our revolutionary arts funding resource for artists needing a little extra help.

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Coming Soon: Feed The Plate is revolutionizing online funding with Time Funding!™


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