Our Advertisers are the Good Guys/Girls!
We are revolutionizing the advertising experience. On ArtsTipJar.com we share our ad revenue with our Artists into our Tip Jar. This creates true engagement between our pre-roll video ads and our audience.
what do we do?
Our mission is to provide a platform and products to assist artists in funding and exposure. While creating an entertaining model for fans and profits for advertisers.
how do we do it?
We create innovative products to optimize revenue for our artists. Our video site advertising revenue we share to help fund crowd-funding projects and we sell artists the incentives we receive in exchange for funding, in our store and donate to arts charities with proceeds.
Fans can scan QRCode from artists tipjar
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They can also buy items from our store
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Or watch content and donate to artist
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As a part of our ad network you will be working in partnership with artists and fans to artist reach their crowd-funding goals. You will be seen by both artists and fans, as an active supporter of the arts and this draws consumers to you and your business.
ArtsTipJar.com is part of a truly unique network of passionate supporters of the arts. True brand loyalty is gained by in an entirely new and social way, providing advertisers with a new way to engage customers.
Brand Engagement
True customer loyalty
Audience open to Ads
Target Demographics
Safe ads
Effective ad formats
Our goal is to have $30,000,000 in the Tip Jar!
Artists know all too well the difficulty of raising the needed funding for creative projects. Crowd-funding was supposed to make this easier, but research shows that nearly 70% of projects on crowd-funding sites don’t get fully funded. Our Tip Jar is a special reserve from which artists may apply to receive funding to cover a shortage for a Feed The Arts project or a project from a crowd-funding site.
Fill the Tip Jar.
Thanks to funding provided by this Feed Our Fans Program and our Feed The Ads Network, we are well on our way to reaching our goal. Learn more about our Tip Jar here.